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In one word: your entertanment
Well... two
We are an association that operates in the Ski resort of
We organize parties and events inside the beautiful restaurant/chalet LA GARGOTE. most of our events have specific theme. Why be repetitive?
After-ski time: 16.00-23.00
From the french Après-ski. A smart format of afternoon and evening's entertainment.
Our concept is to start the party just after your day of skiing... with the boots still on!
Gargote is an amazing restaurant on the slopes of Vialattea, also accessible from the street.
We give the go to  After-ski at 16.00 and close at 23.00! during this period of time we assure you the best and most varied entertainment of your vacation : a beer while watching the sunset, spectacular DjSet, aperitifs and games.    


From 2012 we have been collaborated with many european tour operators that operate in Sestriere:

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